Digging in the Vaults: The Black Album (25th Anniversary Show)

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It has been awhile since we dropped a podcast, so we have decided to reach into the vaults and give you an oldie, but goodie! 1987’s The Black Album is one of the most controversial project Prince was ever associated with and it remains one of the most well-known bootlegged albums. Its stories and myth often clash with the music, but it is such an interesting album and era. Here I was joined with my co-host Jesse Jenkins and we are offering an in-depth album critique, along with new insights about this remarkable era and album.

In this episode, we also get into:
– Prince’s “Welcome 2 Chicago” shows
– Andy Allo
– Larry Graham
– Prince’s new cut, “Rock ‘N Roll Affair” 

* This episode was recorded September 2012

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Long-Overdue: Music Talk #3

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It has been nearly three months and long overdue…the BrandoSoul Podcast is back with an all new Music Talk segment. We are about to get into a plethora of recent Prince/music-related news. We also have some new creative people on board: David Ford and Chri$topher Ryan. As well as no other than Jesse Jenkins! Let’s gear up the guns…

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– Updates on new Michael Jackson “Bad 25” package
– Prince vs. Questlove: What’s the deal?
– Remasters conversation
– YouTube and music responsibility
– What’s coming up for the Purple Yoda himself: Prince!

Listen or download here: http://archive.org/details/BrandosoulPodcastMusicTalk3

Also, check out Chri$topher’s fantastic, funkycalisoulfuldope and fresh music here.

And let’s not forget to mention the thought-provoking excellence from Jesse Jenkins! 



The Legacy and Longing of Michael Jackson (R.I.P. 1958-Forever)

Whew! Those three years have passed by so swiftly. I can still feel the shakes and anxiety I experienced when getting that call from my mother, informing me that Mike was hospitalized and turning on CBS to see the drama unfold. We had just lost Farrah Fawcett that same day and something was in the air. I knew it. Just something that I will never forget. It was as if someone was playing a sick joke or I was in some kind of weird nightmare. When it was confirmed that he died, I was just mortified, shocked, paranoid and frightened. Seeing the hundreds of people cluttered at the UCLA Medical Center is an image that will never escape my conciousness. My mind went blank at that moment and that whole rest of the day. I couldn’t eat, watch any special or news broadcast involving his sudden death, or listen to music. That day was just…a wild circus! Seeing the helicopter taking off with his body to arrive at the coroner’s officers was just sickening and sad. All this didn’t hit me until the night of June 26th, when watching the “Gone Too Soon” and “Liberian Girl” videos and just thinking about how much this man was really L-O-V-E-D.

Outside of all of the drama and controversy that has surrounded his untimely death and its aftermath, it is important that Michael’s music and impact is prevelant in the culture we live in today. Nonetheless, we must also utilize Michael as the true example of a complex genius as well as multi-faceted man, who lived life on his terms without a care. Sure, there were perplexing moments in his life that caused him to be mythologized, maligned and unfairly scrutinized, but Michael was deep. Deep not only in his many talents, but his character as well. His soul, giving spirit and courage was abundant and it all derived from the spirit and hope of his own upbringing. The hardwork and commitment of the Jackson Family fueled a whole new movement in American culture and Michael, along with his parents and siblings, did their best to show the world how there is indeed light at the end of any tunnel. 

The hidden links in Michael’s enduring musical legacy lies tales and messages of desire, struggle, justice, joys and sorrows. These stories must’ve been among the culmination of Michael’s own personal life, as it was filled with a myriad of pride and devastation. Amazingly, these songs are the only real stories that have accurately told the truth on the many dimensions of Michael Joseph Jackson. His defining voice and remarkable talents as a performer, songwriter, producer, musician and dancer were filled with careful skill and unmatchable virtuoso, which echoed the best of other icons such as Jackie Wilson, James Brown and Charles “Cholly” Atkins before him. The fiery and perfection of Michael’s talent was towering, but his sweeping career, which lasted four decades, proved that there was something more. Vision and dedication was among the many reasons as to why it all stood strong.

The legacy of Michael Joseph Jackson is simply this: endurance, pride and willingness. If one takes the time to listen to his entire catalog, from the earliest Steeltown recordings to the last full-length of his career, Invincible, there lies the journey of a legend. We will miss Michael! I salute you as a man and living testimony of what a human being should be. Furthermore, thank you for everything!

Album Round-up: Prince’s The Gold Experience

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We are back with another Prince episode, looking back at 1995’s “The Gold Experience.” This album has long been considered one of the mighty pinnacles of Prince’s long and illustrious career. Here I am joined with Jesse Jenkins and Henry Cooper. We’re going in on this one and then some. Enjoy, comment and share! Thanks.

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Podcast: Music Talk #2

*Note: This episode was recorded on June 2nd, 2012. Michael Jackson’s commemorative Bad 25 single, “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You/Don’t Be Messin’ ‘Round” is available exclusively at Walmart. Pick it up NOW! 

Hello folks!

We are back with a long-awaited episode of Music Talk #2! Here I’m joined by good friend and co-host, Jesse Jenkins. We are getting into alot of stuff on this one…so let’s get the engines running! Enjoy, comment, share and follow. Thanks!

– Prince’s Australian Tour
– Michael Jackson’s Bad 25 Release (How Will It Hold Up?)
– Prince Remasters (Will It Ever Happen?)
– Possible New Prince Project/Protege Projects
– What Are We Listening To?

Link to Podcast: http://archive.org/details/MusicTalk2

Prince’s Planet Earth 5 Year Anniversary Roundtable

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We are back with another Prince episode, focusing on Prince’s 2007 release, Planet Earth with new insights and impressions. We are going all out with this podcast, which features co-host Jesse Jenkins (as formerly known as EyeJester7 on prince.org) and Henry Cooper. So kick back and enjoy! All Prince fans and music fanatics don’t wanna miss this one. Comment, rate and follow guys! I need all of the support! By the way, if you would like to be a future guest on the show, please hit me up with a message or simply leave a comment. We’ll be happy to have you! Thanks.

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Album Round-up: Prince’s The Truth

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We’re back with a new show that focuses on Prince’s 1998 album, The Truth. With new insights and interpretations, we are examining this remarkable, yet underrated era and effort in Prince’s long and varied career. Features our co-host, Jesse Jenkins! Enjoy…recommended for all Prince and music lovers! Comment and follow this blog as well. More to come folks!

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