New promo video for new iPod site

Hello BrandoSoul fans,

I wanted to present my new iPod Classic site, exclusively on this blog. It is now up-and-running. Here is the promo video, shot and produced by me. iPod Classic Central is now here. Check it out!

Music by: PAYOZO


A statistical note for the readers

Since the emergence of the blog, “Brandosoul” earlier this year, its audience continues to grow and expand, through its use of podcasts, news stories, and other engaging media.

Based on statistical information, the blog has generated more than 2, 500 overall views, with 50 comments from viewers, since February 2012. Some of the popular categories include, “entertainment,” “classic albums,” and “podcast,” with “music” at the top, garnering 13 views.

Additionally, statistics show that various search engines and websites have made an impact on the viewership of the blog, allowing people to explore and share it with others around the world. As of November 2012, viewers have mostly used search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing, in referring to this blog.

Along with the help of search engines, the common search terms tells another story. People have come across this blog using terms ranging from “Prince the musician,” to “Chicago skyline.”

News stories have also become an integral part of this blog, as they have given insight about upcoming artists and music updates. From September to November, more than 500 people have viewed news stories concerning musicians and music updates. The most viewed featured story was the Jesse Jenkins Q-and-A interview.

The blog has generated a varied audience from around the world, with the top viewers coming from U.S. Surprisingly, U.K. ranks second with 180 views, while Spain ranks third with 164 views.

As the blog’s main focus is on artists Prince, Michael Jackson, and other music, “Brandosoul” has become a flagship community for upcoming artists and music fanatics alike.

We’re Back….

Hello people,

I know it’s been a two weeks since our last podcast, but I am proud to say that we have some new and exciting stuff coming up. We will be dropping two new podcasts soon (one of them may be dropping today, you never know!) I am also in the process of doing a special post on some new and unsigned artists that are amazingly dope. There is so much that is going on as far as BrandoSoul is concerned. I would like to thank everybody for responding to this blog and our shows with the warmest and generous gratitude. The BrandoSoul Family really appreciates everything and it’s just going to get better. So people: stay posted, keep love and peace in your hearts always!

Again thanks….


Prince & The New Power Generation’s The Love Symbol Album (20 Years Later…)

Hey folks!

Get ready, get set…we are back with a new Prince episode. Celebrating and looking back on Prince & The New Power Generation’s 1992 release, “The Love Symbol Album.” We are going bonkers on this one. One of P’s most underrated, yet greatest moments on wax. Prince and music lovers, get in on this one. Returning to this show is special co-host, Jesse Jenkins. More to come soon…Enjoy, download, and comment.

Link to podcast:…

Podcast: Music Talk #1 (Featuring Co-Host Aaron Smothers)

Hello everyone! I’m so honored and humbled right now to bring you a new podcast series that puts a spotlight on music. The name of this new podcast revolution is Music Talk and we are moving in the right direction. I am joined on this episode with a good friend of mine, Aaron Smothers, who is a heavy music head just as I am and will be one of the primary co-hosts of this podcast series. So, without further ado…I present you the very first episode of this new podcast revolution:MUSIC TALK. Please enjoy, comment, and follow! Also, send me some feedback and messages about the show. If you would like to be a guest on future episodes, just send me a message! Thanks!

On this week’s episode, we’re getting into:

Music piracy debate (Is it helping or hindering us?)
Questlove Talk (Click here for article)
The Love for the Underground and R&B
Is there really a lack of great music being pumped out to the masses?

(Music featured: “Say It’s Over” by Chester Gregory/”Hangin’ Downtown” by Cameo)

Random Thought: Dr. King’s “Where Do We Go From Here? (The World House)” Reaction

Hello everyone,

I wanted to make a small diversion from music this week, to open your mind to something extraordinarily provoking. Given that this is ultimately the last week of not only the month of February, but Black History Month, I wanted to give my random thoughts on a very prevalent, yet underrated piece of writing from a man whose message and profound vision transcends all borderlines and barriers. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote this piece around the time he won the Noble Peace Prize in 1964 and it stands as a stunning affirmation of Black progression and where we are now in America! To read a transcript of this powerful writing, please visit comment and follow! Enjoy!


In looking at King’s Where Do We Go From Here? passage entitled “The World House,” there is much that can be uncovered and examined when we look at the systems of America. For example, we normally associate black struggle with “freedom,” “racism,” and “justice,” but there is something more that we tend to overlook when examining the depths of the Black experience. From Dr. King’s point of view, progression is one of the most unique forms of looking at the microcosm of America and the world as a whole. It is a form in which you can actually see how struggles have spread further more inside and outside of America and into other dynamics and cultures. The fact that people have not been able to fully distinguish themselves from the oppressive and dehumanizing measures of certain systems speaks volumes to the often exploitative measures that American governments often take today when trying to control and govern a particular nation. If we could separate the different angles that Dr. King takes when trying to present his argument about the idea of “the world house,” we could see how he goes about applying this idea to the race relations in America, the motives of the world that we embody, and most importantly, how we must remove ourselves from separatist ideas and more unified ideas, while understanding our own culture as well. 


While reading “The World House,” we can see that King is making a case about equality, in a way that we can learn from each other and live together in a more established society. There is something other than what history has shown us and more about race relations in this country. He sets up “the World House” as a melting pot of values, visions and cultures from which people from all walks of life are living and working together. It has its set of discourse communities, such as racism, poverty, and war, but these communities tie people together in some way—whether it is under good or bad circumstances. 


One thing that I personally found interesting about King’s comments on poverty as it relates to “the World House” is that he believed that people in this country and other wealthy nations should join together and assist more underdeveloped areas who are in need, as it is our utmost duty. It seemed that he was more concerned about commitment and unity among all men and women because it was the only way progress could happen for any nation or movement. However, he believes that assistance should not be utilized by more wealthy nations as a strategy to control and govern poor nations, as it would result in corruption and disorder for both parties.  I think we can definitely apply this to the society we live in today because as unexpected situations unfold in both other countries outside and inside the United States, we see that there are many people who try to help each other in bad moments, but there is this notion that what we offer is for a “good cause.” I find that Dr. King’s argument on commitment and service speaks volumes to today as it pertains to poverty because helping one another should never be a one-time situation, it should always be a form of uncompromised generosity. This is one of the ways progression can ever take place in not only the new Black experience, but our larger society today.

Record Store Day At Dusty Groove America!

Hello people! It is that time of the year where music lovers, DJs, and vinyl collectors come together to dig out rare, collectable and groovy gems. It is a time that people also build friendships and social groups based solely on the different music that they come across on this particular day. Yes, record store day is one of those important days for the music heads. As a matter of fact, Dusty Groove America held its annual record store day last week, in honor of all of the music lovers and collectors, such as myself, and what an enlightening experience it was. I even took a couple of pictures to show how amazing it really was!

Sounds of laughter, conversation, cash registers, and music from studio speakers filled the entire store.

It is a day that has usually gone down as one of the proudest days for music lovers. It has had its share of criticisms from people who are stuck in the ever-changing digital age of today, but it has stood its ground. Record Store Day across America has grown in stature yearly, since the renaissance of vinyl has gotten more exposure in recent times.

As the day went on, the store was filled with crowds of people from the back room (shown here) to the front.

Dusty Groove America continued to pay homage to the music lover by observing the annual holiday with new surprises and unbeatable music gems. When first arriving at the store for the event last week, it seemed as if there was no one was present. The advertisements and flyers that plastered on the walls around the store varied from promotions of upcoming concerts to legendary icons. Thousands of discounted vinyl records, used CDs, cassettes, and DVDs were perfectly stacked in brown cardboard boxes, which sat in wooden containers. After a couple of minutes, the store instantly became packed with anxious music lovers, ready to usher in the celebration.

Everyone was awaiting the opening of Dusty Groove's annual event.

One avid vinyl fan, Robert Williams, 35, declared that he believed that record store day is the best holiday since Christmas. “One thing that I always look forward to every year is record store day as it is so revealing to check out stuff that I wouldn’t normally find in other mainstream music stores. I recently converted to being a vinyl audiophile not so long ago as well, so that is another great thing.”

The hot items of the day were the used CDs, vinyl, 45s, and other miscellaneous items.

When the store opened at 10 in the morning, no one was to be found until the next hour.

As the day winded down, I brought some great items. Can you identify any classics in this stack?

For more information about Dusty Groove America, log on to its internet store at or visit the Chicago Store. Great place to visit, especially for music heads and novelty collectors. If you have ever visited this spectacular store or share other information, please comment on this blog post and follow my page. Thanks so much and let real music live!