Digging in the Vaults: The Black Album (25th Anniversary Show)

Hello fellow Brandosoul listeners and fans,

It has been awhile since we dropped a podcast, so we have decided to reach into the vaults and give you an oldie, but goodie! 1987’s The Black Album is one of the most controversial project Prince was ever associated with and it remains one of the most well-known bootlegged albums. Its stories and myth often clash with the music, but it is such an interesting album and era. Here I was joined with my co-host Jesse Jenkins and we are offering an in-depth album critique, along with new insights about this remarkable era and album.

In this episode, we also get into:
– Prince’s “Welcome 2 Chicago” shows
– Andy Allo
– Larry Graham
– Prince’s new cut, “Rock ‘N Roll Affair”¬†

* This episode was recorded September 2012

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Album Round-up: Prince’s Come

Greetings people,

We’re taking it back to 1994, with the release of Come, the thirteenth album in Prince’s long and varied career. We are going bonkers on this one. One of P’s most underrated, yet greatest moments on wax. We are going all out with this podcast, which features co-host Jesse Jenkins (as formerly known as EyeJester7 on prince.org) and Henry Cooper. Prince and music lovers, get in on this one. More to come soon…Enjoy, share, and comment! Thanks so much.

Link to podcast: http://archive.org/details/AlbumRound-upPrincesCome

Article about “The Second Coming” unreleased film: http://www.waxpoetics.com/features/articles/the-second-coming

Complete Purple Rain Script: http://corky.net/scripts/purpleRain.html

Classic Albums: Prince’s Sign o’ the Times 25th Anniversary Show

Hello people,

On this special episode of the BrandoSoul podcast, we are paying homage to the 25th anniversary of the release of Prince’s 1987 masterwork, Sign o’ the Times. Get some popcorn or some other refreshments and enjoy this show. Here I’m joined by special co-host, Jesse!¬†Enjoy, comment, and follow this blog! More exciting stuff to come soon…

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YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/JesteRants/videos
Prince.org: http://prince.org/profile/EyeJester7

Lastly, I would like to give a BIG thanks to Jesse, prince.org, Michael Dean and the FreedomTrain, Peach and Black podcast, Aaron Smothers, Joey Mannarino, and everyone else who have ever logged on this blog and supported it. I highly appreciate it!